Tap the Limitless Potential of the Sun

The use of solar energy has become mainstream across the globe. The technology is now a widely sought after means of providing clean electricity and heating to a home and business. It also opens opportunities to small communities without access to a commercial power grid. With its wide-scale application, solar energy has provided a cleaner energy choice for individuals, businesses, and communities all over the world.

Basic Residential Applications

When it was first introduced, solar energy was only accessible to a niche market. But over the years, solar energy has become more affordable and accessible to different types of customers. This is made possible through various rebate programs and tax incentives that encouraged property owners to consider investing in solar energy systems.

As a clean power source, solar energy can be used for various applications. It all depends on the requirements of the owner. Electricity production is usually at the top of the list of applications. As the technology becomes more widely available to homeowners and businesses, experienced companies all over the country are providing these potential customers with information on photovoltaic and storage systems. By working with a professional provider of home solar electricity Clearwater FL customers can make informed decisions on the perfect setup for their home.

Beyond Power Generation

A typical solar electricity set up uses panels instead of concentrated solar units. Current generations of solar panels are now thinner and use monocrystalline or amorphous silicon-based materials. Concentrated setups are designed for commercial and industrial purposes. It uses lenses and mirrors. Aside from electricity production, solar energy is also used for other applications. It is used to complement a home’s HVAC system and to generate thermal energy for water heating. For isolated communities, it provides a more basic service. Through this technology, communities can sterilize water and cook food.

Solar and Renewable Energy Trends

Solar is projected to become the largest global source of energy by 2050, according to an energy report from Bloomberg. Cheaper batteries and storage systems will encourage more people and communities to invest in solar panels and wind energy systems. In the coming years, penetration rates of renewable energy systems is also projected to increase all over the world.

Installation and panel costs have dropped across the world. Solar installations have also expanded beyond the usual roof-mounted panels. Advanced solar technology produced thin, flexible solar films that can be vertically attached to a building. These solar films are made from silicon laminates and can be placed over a wall, window, or any flat surface. Some advanced thin films are being developed as part of the next generation of PV cells.

With solar energy, property owners can start reducing their carbon footprint and start shifting their power production to an eco-friendly source. Years ago, the cost of a complete solar energy system hindered some people from purchasing and installing one on their property. Over the years, solar power technology has become more mainstream. Consumers are also provided with more options for panel designs and storage systems.

Suzana Mikolova