Why People Should Care About the Environment

There are some people who talk down about environmentalists and try to make them out as being crackpots. However, people who are passionate about keeping the environment clean and intact have a lot of valid reasons for the positions that they take. First off, the environment should remain as clean and intact as possible because if one factor in the environment gets thrown of, everything else can get messed up. For example, let’ say that there is a certain animal species that is a significant source of food for another animal species that is higher up on the food chain.

Let’s also say that this species of animal is a herbivore and largely consumes a certain type of plant. Now, let’s say that human pollution and encroachment is quickly killing off this species of animal. If enough of this species gets killed off, the higher-up species of animal that eats it might also die off as a result of not having enough prey around. The plant species that the animal species consumes might not have as many animals eating it. As a result, it might grow out of control and unchecked. As a result, it might invasively grow over other plants, take away nutrient sources from other plants and strangle out other plants. So, the destruction of a plant or animal species can throw the whole environment out of whack to various extents. The results of such a situation may eventually be felt by humans in the form of negatives effects on crops and livestock, the growth of microorganisms and animal encroachments in places where humans are.

Another reason why environmentalists are so passionate about keeping everything intact is because of the fact that living things—including human beings—start to die off once the land becomes too dirty. This is quite evident in the events that have followed spills and massive pollution events. Neighborhoods across the world have become toxic places to live in due to air, ground and water pollution. Many people are living on homes that sit on top of soil and water supplies that are polluted with dangerous levels of toxic chemicals. This isn’t just a third world problem—it is a current problem in the United States of America.

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Another reason why environmentalists are all about keeping thins intact and clean is because doing so generally creates less suffering in the world for both humans and animals. Many times, animals get stuck in litter that is non-decomposable. It is completely unnecessary for a healthy creature to get stuck in a piece of trash and die.

Suzana Mikolova